What is steel fabrication all about?

Steel is a metal that is widely used in the construction and building industry.  Steel is not mined naturally from the ground. Rather Iron is mined and then mixed with carbon and forms an alloy which is called steel. Steel making and refining is one the most economic industries a country can have. Most of the developed and some of the developing countries fulfill their economic needs from steel industries by either producing and fabricating steel and exporting it to other countries or by using it in building and construction for their own economic gain, for example steel fabrication companies in uae.

Although steel is widely used in construction, but it cannot be used right after it has been refined. Rather, it goes through several steps of fabrication and is then made suitable to be used in construction. Fabrication of steel is an art itself. Steel is cut, welded and bended, coated and made to go through lots of such processes until it is converted into long rods, plates and frames which are further sold and transported to construction companies. Although steel is widely used in construction and buildings, it has lots of other uses in other fields of work as well. Steel is widely used in building ships, in the manufacturing of auto mobiles, and civil infrastructure etc. Steel fabricators work closely with steel designers. These designers provide steel fabricators with drawings and unique designs which the steel fabricators bring to life.

How is marble used in our current era?

Marble is a type of beautiful and unique rock which is formed when limestone is exposed to great heat and pressure. Although the most common use of marble these days is mainly decorative but is also used by some of the construction companies. One of the most popular marble which has been known to use in sculpture and decoration is Makrana marble. This marble was used in the past in the construction and building of several iconic monuments, one of them is Taj Mahal, located in Agra.

Marble is cut, shaped and designed into desired form and then used in decoration. One of the best and easiest techniques to cut marble is waterjet marble cutting. It is a unique, computerized technique which does not use heat and distort the stone which is being cut. This technique is not only for marble cutting but can also be used for cutting ceramics and porcelain.

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