Information about child development at an EYFS Nursery

Development and learning is a very important aspect of your children’s life. With this stage they will be able to learn things quickly in the future and of different fields. Although, there are many stages of learning in EYFS but there are 7 basic learning stages that every child has to go through. First is communication and language development. This is the first and the most important stage where children learn their first baby words like; mama, dad, short words of water or short words for milk. This can enhance their communication skills and their language developed faster, they will be able to say different words in short time.

By playing different games, their physical development will be growing every day. Not only playing games but feeding the babies with healthy food will also help in fast and healthy physical development. The parents are also guided to play games and suggested the kind of food they should provide for their baby. Most EYFS also have a doctor on standby if the baby is allergic to any food; they immediately identify it and also inform to the nearest hospital and suggest the parents to look out for the food they give to them.

Children will also learn some phonemic and have literacy development in EYFS. Here, the children will also learn about different shapes and will also be able to identify them. They also learn the feelings of hot and cold, yes and no commands. They will learn different sounds like like; birds chirping, dog barking etc. EYFS also make sure that the child is being well fit with the other children, by making them more social, teaching them hello and good bye waving. Children also learn to show love and affection by learning social development, flying kisses and nodding head to yes and no. Scientists say that children at the age of 5 if picks up a guitar they will most likely to become a guitarist of play guitar as a hobby. Just like that EYFS make sure to expose children at different things at early stage and see what they are attracted to.

 Being in a different country matters and if you have moved to another country with a 5-year old, you will want to get him/her enrolled in EYFS. Being an expat in the UAE is difficult for a 5-year old child, but you can find many EYFS nurseries in Dubai and also there are some of the top ranked nurseries in downtown Dubai.

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