What are the Symptoms and treatments of Prostate Cancer?

Features of early diagnosis of prostate cancer:

In genitourinary system a tumor occurs which disturbs all the functions of kidneys and this tumor is known as prostate cancer. It is basically a malignant tumor. IT is the most common cause of death among the kidney patients and mostly men are affected by this disease. The men who are above 50 years of age are mostly dying with this disease. It is very difficult to diagnose prostate cancer in its early stages because the symptoms are common as other kidney diseases. The treatment of this cancer takes a long time and it is very difficult to treat this cancer if it is diagnosed late. If this disease is not treated in time then it is very difficult for patient to survive. Regular screening tests are the only way to diagnose this tumor. Prostrate biopsy is also helpful in the detection of this cancer. The prostate and ICSI treatment in Dubai is very cheap and good.

PSA (prostate-specific antigen):

In a healthy man the production of PSA is very small. But if the production of PSA increases on an excess level in the body of a person then this indicates prostate cancer has formed in the prostate glands. Equipment by which PSA test is done should be good. Urology doctors in Dubai are known as one of the best doctors in the world due to their professional skills.

A prostate biopsy:

During this biopsy a small part of prostate tissue is taken and then this piece is send to laboratory. An analysis on the piece of prostate tissues is done and with the help of that analysis we can find that whether a person is suffering from prostate cancer or not. This technique is highly accurate and good to diagnose prostate cancer.

Ultrasound of the prostate:

The ultrasound of prostate is also done in order to find prostate cancer. The ultrasound is very helpful and is one of the oldest techniques in diagnosing of prostate cancer. By the help of prostate ultrasound we can also find out other disease of prostate gland.

  • Trans-abdominal ultrasound of the prostate
  • Trans-rectal ultrasound of the prostate

Treatment of prostate gland:

Radical prostatectomy, radiation therapy, and Hormone therapy for prostate cancer with the help of these therapies a prostate cancer can be treated. Surgery is also a choice of treatment but all the treatments are done according to their stages. Doctors are the only authority who has to decide which treatment should be best for the patient. In surgery the whole infected part of prostate gland is removed in some cases but it doesn’t give surety about the complete cure.

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