Small businesses to start up in your home

Self owned businesses are for those who don’t really want to work under someone else, or don’t want to have a lot of people around them all the time or they want a flexible working hours. Now, the questions comes that is it really possible to start such business? And is it worth taking risk for? So in here, we have some ideas if you want to start your business in Dubai.

  • Social Media marketing: It is the new way of marketing which is getting popular day by day and it is quite revolutionary. You can do all the work sitting at your home. This home based work has its own understandings. So consider learning or doing courses before starting the work.
  • Photography Business: This is also one demanding business. Though you don’t get working calls all the days of week, but a function coverage is quite sufficient and actually rewarding. You may need to invest in the starting to have a good gadget collection but then it is just going and doing shoots of events.
  • Freelancing: Freelancing has become a very big platform that this needs an article of its own. You get the client online and you can offer any kind of work depending upon you specialty. You submit him the work and money is transferred to your account. With time, you build up your profile.
  • T related services: Work related to I.T can be done sitting at your home. It can be website development and designing, App development, software development etc. Again this is a very big field and you need to have a good hand on the work.
  • Day Care: You can start a day care at one portion of your house. Though children can be very noisy and trouble making and can give you headache. But if you find them cute and want a lot of small children to be around you, this is a perfect job for you.
  • Rental business: This business is about giving the equipment to lease to people. It is very rewarding because of its one time investment and then good profit. This business is especially good in big metropolitan cities because of a large number of potential clients. You can offer your client to rent party furniture in Dubai or table and chairs rentals in Dubai.

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