Dubai is filled with beautiful places to visit. Now that you are planning to spend your vacation in Dubai, you need to know what you can do from the moment you arrive. It is often boring to just see the attractions for which Dubai has always been known. What about taking the road less traveled and see what treasures lurk in Dubai’s rarely discovered corners? Below are some activities you just might want to consider:

  • Go dancing the right way. Ductac offers regular dance classes such as tango, salsa, and belly dancing. You can choose which type of dance you want to learn, based on your level of experience. There are year-round classes for beginners and for intermediate dancers.
  • Pottery, anyone? You can go to Yadawei Pottery Studio and learn how to create something with your own hands. Of course, you will know everything there is to know about pottery. You can also become a member, so you can use their facilities whenever you want.
  • Learn things about survival. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy Course provided by Dibba’s Absolute Adventure will surely give you the experience of your life. Here, you can learn basic survival tactics from starting your own fire to taking good care of snakebites.
  • Ride a kiteboard. You will find kiteboards on Kite Beach. With these cool kiteboards, you can whip across the water expertly and effortlessly. Try the experience with Watercooled, which is UAE’s very first Official Kiteboarding Center. You’re in good hands with their trained instructors.
  • Watch movies on a rooftop. Dubai also has a Rooftop Vox Cinema, located at the Galleria Mall. This is the first al fresco business venture for Vox. It is a cinema where you can watch the latest movies.
  • Zip your way to fun. Try the zipline in the Dubai Mall XLine. The XLine Dubai takes off from the highest point of the Burj Residences 3, goes across the Burj Lake, and ends at the top of the Dubai Mall.
  • Swimming at night. Pool days can be too hot for some people. If you prefer spending your nights at the pool, Le Méridien Mina Seyahi is the one for you. Here, you can access their Horizon infinity pool with a view.
  • Meditate. The UAE Meditates always facilitates a Conscious Walk right there on Kite Beach. The aim is to walk for half an hour while you fix your eyes on the floor in front of you. Doing this makes you feel rejuvenated after.
  • Be a hoola kid again. Try to get reacquainted with your pastime when you were a kid—hoola hooping. If you forgot how to do it, there are hoola hooping lessons given at the fridge. As you hoola away, you burn 400 calories per hour. Who says having fun and getting fit do not mesh well?
  • Stretch it out with night yoga. This is a unique workout that allows you to do your yoga routine in the dark. Urban Yoga’s Brittany Costa makes this possible with glow sticks, superb music, and black light.

These are only some of the fun, new activities in Dubai right now. Do your homework before you head out, so that you can maximize the fun and adventure in Dubai on your next vacation.

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