Home Interior Design Tricks You Can Do In Under 15 Minutes

Some homeowners think that transforming your home into an amazing abode would take days to weeks. But if you have visitors coming over in a couple of hours, you need something quick that can instant make your home feel like it is a newly-designed living space.

Villa interior design companies in Dubai provided a list of valuable interior design tricks that can help turn your simple home into a sophisticated residence:

  1. Replace your curtains

Curtains are important part of the design scheme. Apart from obvious reasons of providing privacy for your property, it can also be used as a design accent. If you have guests coming over for a house tour, replacing your curtains might be one of the quick ways to make your home look amazing. Opt for curtains that are long and reached the floor. They can add a touch of sophistication to the place and you can do this in under 15 minutes.

  1. Move your furniture

If your seating furniture has been in the same place for a decade, maybe it is high time to move them to a new location. As simple as moving your home furnishing can give your home a brand new look. Just be careful with the layout. Moving your furniture in awkward location might mess up the flow inside the space.  Wrong placement can result to difficulty in moving around the space and possibly accidents.

  1. Replace your art pieces

If you have some art pieces in your home that have been hidden for ages in your basement, why not use it to transform your home. Using the same old design ornaments can make the space look and feel old and familiar. Bring a new vibe by replacing some of the key pieces with a new one. No need to commission a new artwork. You can just use the ones you already have or pick a piece on your local thrift shop.

  1. Put a mirror inside the space

Putting a mirror inside a space not just for the sake of vanity. Mirrors can create an illusion of space in a room and it can also be used as a design accent. But don’t just put any mirror you will see inside your home. Look for a well-designed mirror that can be repurposed into a space ornament.

  1. Bring in the greens

When the space look too cold, it is a must that you break that vibe by adding an element of nature. In this case, you can use your plants and flowers to bring in the positive energy inside the space.

Consult with a home and restaurant consultants in Dubai for more interior design tips.

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