Why Do International Companies Hire Marketing Translators?

International companies need to customize their marketing initiatives (advertisements, promotions, social media marketing, exchange deals, etc.) per country in order to keep their revenue in desirable range. Thus, they hire translation marketing providers because of the following reasons.


  1. To accurately convey their advertisements and promotions


Each country has different formal and informal languages, and metaphors. If the international company wouldn’t be able to communicate with their target market using appropriate language, accurate grammar, and correct spelling, their potential clients wouldn’t notice them.


  1. To creatively advertise their products and services


If international companies want to introduce new products and services, they must use humor, wit and creativity in their marketing content. Usually, people remember advertisements that are entertaining, unique, informative, and relatable. Marketing translators can help make these happen since they are very familiar with specific terminologies for different industries.


  1. To gain the trust of consumers


It’s hard to gain the trust of the consumers if the company couldn’t connect with the people properly or if the company is not careful with its choice of words — whether it’s through a TV commercial, a feature article, or a billboard.


  1. Greater potential of higher returns


Of course, every marketing initiative points to the hope of having good sales. Although it is not guaranteed, high quality marketing content and documents could help a lot in terms of increasing an international company’s revenues from a certain country.


  1. To break language and cultural barriers


Language and culture are some of the greatest barriers for a company or brand that tries to penetrate a new country. If you have a marketing translator, this wouldn’t be a problem  since most of them are highly exposed to the cultures of different countries. They also know the preferences of the people, their language and marketing trends.


  1. To win over competitors in the industry


The first competitors of international companies are the local businesses that offer the same products or services. Of course, local consumers would remain loyal to their own products unless they realize that the international company is better or at least at par with the locals. Marketing translators can help make the locals feel closer to the brand because they would try to blend in the brand’s marketing content to the culture of a specific country and the target market.



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